I bought AHS's 130,000 BTU coal boiler (S130) a few years ago and had it plumbed into the fuel oil-fired, hot water, forced hot air system already in the basement. Our house is large, my wife likes it at 71 degrees, and I have put something like 20 tons of coal through it at $300 per ton of coal. The heating cost difference between coal and fuel oil is between three and four fold, so my boiler is closing in on paying for itself twice. The downside, of course, is hoisting 40 pound bags of coal into the hopper and disposing of the ash, but that takes an average of 10 minutes per day. Besides, I like exercise for which I am being paid (as opposed to paying for exercise!). Contrary to what most people guess about the "dirtiness" of using coal to heat, essentially no coal dust or ash escapes during the loading and operation of the boiler and removal of ash. I found the adjustment, maintenance and cleaning of the boiler to be easy for a mechanically-minded, do it yourselfer like myself. When I need advice or help beyond the manual, a call to AH has always given me the information or help I need.


W Zimmerman

Amherst, MA

April 2014 


Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my E140 Wood Gun. I had it up and running on November 1st. As you know we have had record breaking cold temperatures this winter season in the northeast. On Nov. 1st I had 430 gallons of propane. We use propane to heat our 4000 square foot home. We also use it for cooking and for our clothes dryer. We have many meals and lots of Laundry. As of February 24th I still have 400 gallons of propane in my tank and the house has been nice and toasty all winter. I have radiant heat and use a simple heat exchanger to transfer the heat from the hot water of the wood gun to my hot water heating system. I have received great support from your whole staff and appreciate your patience with answering all my many questions. I feel I made an excellant decision in purchasing the E140.


Thanks again,

John Cutillo

December 2013


As another heating season is upon us I wanted to say thanks again for Your help in My choosing the E-100 Wood Gun. The Wood Gun works just as you said it would. I am very pleased with it's performance. With the domestic hot water coil we don't have to wait on the electric water heater to catch up and it saves on the electric bill. I have the Wood Gun hooked to a radiant floor system. The constant temperature is much better than the hot air heat we did have.The Wood Gun with it's cycling on and off as needed burns less wood. I can't say anything negative about the Wood Gun.

ThankYou and Everyone at Alternate Heating for such a good MADE IN THE USA product.


Richard Hahn

Crystal Spring ,Pa.



Greetings, I have the E180 Woodgun Boiler that I purchased 3 years ago. I love my Boiler!! I have saved over $8,000.00 the past three years!!


Brent A Bethel, ME



I just completed the heating season with my S130 Coalgun I purchased from you last year. It worked flawlessly!! Maintenence was simple and quick. The Thermo Ash Monitor Control worked well and ensured complete combustion which added to my savings! I saved over $7,000.00 dollars over what my Oil Burner would have cost me!!! Thank you for building a great product. I will buy another on for my next home as well!!!


Fletcher Farr

Jersey Shore, PA



I have a few statements about my new Woodgun Boiler and Alternate Heating Systems! The AHS staff was great to work with before, during, and after the sales. I love my Woodgun!!!! I have tracked my Propane usage for four years and with one season of burning the Woodgun I can see that my payback will be less then two years!! That is amazng!!


Chris Samuels

Auburn, MI



Greetings, I have a Coal Gun I purchased last winter. It has been a great money saver and very easy to operate! Thanks for all your assistance in the setup and operation of my Coalgun!!


David P.

Frankfort, NY


I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with my new furnace. I live in an old farm house in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Over the years, I have used at various times, airtight stoves, an airtight range and most recently a Kerr wood boiler for heat. In the cold part of the winter, all of these wood burning appliances have necessitated me getting up in the middle of the night to add more wood to prevent the house from getting too cold. Thanks to the AHS E-140 woodgun boiler that I installed last fall, my days of getting up in the middle of the night are over! My expectations for this boiler have been surpassed at every level. It is easy to operate, easy to clean and easy on wood. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner.


Walter Townshend

PE Island, Canada


I would like to recognize the great customer service that Alternate Heating Systems has provided me in the installation and start up of the E180 furnace. After a season that was essentially a learning curve, we requested that someone from Alternate Heating Systems view the installation and evaluate if all was proper. Carl Forney visited my home... on December 15, 2008. As I have gotten older, I have appreciated great customer service more. Unfortunately, it seems to be a rarer event these days. However, Carl was a perfect example of customer service. when he showed up at the house, he 'owned' any issues we were having. I was not treated as a customer but as a friend or family who was going to get all the help he could provide. I am convinced that whatever it would take to make sure that I am satisfied is exactly what he plans on doing. My thanks to Alternate Heating Systems and Carl for the assistance in making certain that the furnace was operating at top efficiency.


Charlie Drumheller