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June Discounts in Play!!

5% Off Select Units for June

Are you looking for an investment with huge annual returns? Are you looking to get off the propane roller coaster? If you want to save money on heating, we are here to help you. Now is a great time to save on your purchase, and to set the stage for big savings on heating your home, shop or greenhouse! You can avoid the propane or fuel oil price roller coaster forever with a Wood Gun, Coal Gun, or Multi-Fuel boiler from Alternate Heating Systems.

We are starting with a 5% off retail price for June 2014 orders. To receive the discount, we simply need a deposit by the end of the month. We may be able to offer other incentives regarding freight or boiler options as well. Give us a call, use our contact form, or send us an email at:

May 1, 2014 Category: General Posted by: mpurnell

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