Advanced Heating With Waste Oil

AHS-Series Waste Oil | B-Series Waste Oil 

If you have a machine shop or garage, or have a ready source of used lubricant or other waste oil, a waste oil boiler from Alternate Heating Systems can supply heat for low or no fuel cost. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Unique Characteristics of Burning Used Oil

  • Reduced airflow in the waste oil burner can cause incomplete combustion
  • Accumulation of ash produces adverse effects:
  • Reduced heat transfer (U.S. Bureau of Mines). Research done by the U.S. Bureau of Mines has determined that just 1/32-inch of soot coating causes 9.5% loss of burner efficiency. The following table shows how soot thickness affects burner efficiency
Buildup of Soot in Inches Loss of Efficiency
1/32 9.5%
1/16 26%
1/8 45%
3/16 69%

The following are reasons conventional burners/boilers are not appropriate for burning waste oil:

  • Improper heat exchanger design
  • Cannot provide constant airflow volume
  • Combustion chamber is too small
  • No refractory lining of combustion chamber or flame target
  • Poor accessibility for routine cleaning

The design of our waste oil heater/boiler addresses all of the problems:

  • Heat exchanger designed to prevent ash buildup and achieve high transfer efficiency (B Series!)
  • Large access door provides easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Refractory lined extra large combustion chamber produces high temperature combustion zone
  • Water tube design for efficiency, improved draft and minimal floor area used with its vertical design

Our Waste Oil Boilers:

AHS Series

B Series


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