Coal Gun Coal Stoker Boiler - Specific Options

Auger Loading

The Coal Gun can be enhanced with an auger add on that eliminates manual filling of the hopper. This is nearly a must with large Coal Guns (S500, S1000) dealing with high heating demand. The auger add-on will often include automatic sensing of the level of coal in the hopper. With this option, it will switch on unattended to maintain coal reserves in the hopper. Augers can also be manually activated for those occasions when this mode of operation is desired.

6 Inch Auger vs 4 Inch Auger

The auger for the Coal Gun may have a diameter of 4 or 6 inches. Your choice of auger diameter will depend on anticipated load and your preference. The larger diameter auger will typically have less issues with bridging. Auger length can be customized per requirements.

Pulley vs Belt Drive Auger

The drive method for the coal auger will be selected based on load and application. Augers moving coal from one bin to another, with little change in elevation, will usually be pulley driven. Coal augers feeding the hopper that have a steep angle of pitch will be gear driven. The cost of the auger will depend on diameter, length and the drive method.

Auger Inlet Guard

An auger inlet guard can be used as a means to provide added safety. The guard consists of a sturdy mesh that prevents objects larger than the mesh squares from contacting the auger screw flighting. The inlet guard also provides a mounting point for the bottom end of the auger.

Auger for Coal Gun coal boiler, shown with auger guard

Belt Drive Option for Induction Fan on S130

A belt driven induction fan is included as standard on Coal Gun boilers, except for the S130. The S130 comes standard with a direct drive induction fan. For direct drive induction fans, the fan motor is mounted directly to the fan cover plate. You can see this on the left-hand side of the image below. The motor shaft extends through this plate, the heat shield and abrasion shield, and the fan is mounted directly to the shaft. For S130 Coal Guns operating in high demand, the belt drive option serves to isolate the fan motor from the boiler heat.

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive for Coal Gun coal boiler

Other Coal Gun coal boiler options include ASME, UL, the Domestic Coil option and Indirect Water Heater option. You can find out more about these at the General Boiler Options page