Multi-Fuel Options

Oil/Propane/Natural Gas Backup

The Multi-Fuel boiler can be fitted with a backup fuel option. This option requires a dedicated firing chamber for the boiler that must be built in to the vessel at the time of manufacture. This chamber is water jacketed for its entire length for excellent heat exchange and efficiency. For #2 fuel oil, the backup system can function in an automatic switch-over scenario, with fuel oil taking over when the boiler has exhausted its wood or coal fuel. For other fuels, such as natural gas or propane, switch-over is manual only.

Insulation Jacket

Multi-Fuel boilers purchased in the base unit configuration have no insulation on the outside of the boiler. This allows for the maximum amount of heat radiation into the boiler room. If it is desirable to make more of this heat available for circulation, an insulation jacket can be purchased and added to the boiler. This insulation jacket is comparable to that used on the Wood Gun or Coal Gun boilers

Soft Coal Linkage Kit

The soft coal linkage kit links all the individual grates in the Rolla-Grate system for more rapid shakedown of coal ash. It is not a required option for burning soft coal. 

Other options for the Multi-Fuel boilers include the domestic coil, the indirect hot water heater, and pool heaters, as well as ASME. These are shown on our general boiler options page.