General Boiler Options

Domestic Coil

The Domestic Hot Water Coil can be installed in any Alternate Heating Systems boiler with a coil fitting. New boilers all feature at least one such fitting. The domestic coil consists of a copper heat exchanger that utilizes the boiler's heat energy to heat potable water for domestic hot water usage. This popular option is a great way to reduce hot water heating costs. Payback time for a coil is often under one year.

Swimming Pool Heater

The swimming pool heater is a water to water heat exchanger that can be used to tap boiler heat energy for heating a pool or spa. It features more corrosion resistance than our standard indirect domestic water heater.

Indirect Domestic Water Heater

The indirect domestic water heater is similar to the domestic coil in form and function. The difference is that the coil used to transfer heat to the water (normally potable) is installed in a canister (small tank) instead of directly in the boiler. It is ideal when the boiler is a long distance fom the point of use of the water.

Low Water Cutoff

The low water cutoff will cut power to the boiler if water is lost from the heating system and the boiler is in danger of running dry.

Steam Control and Fittings Package

Any Alternate Heating Systems boiler can be built with steam capability by adding the steam control and fittings package to the boiler. This requires special modifications to the boiler vessel at the time of manufacture. A finished, hydronic unit can not be converted to steam. Keep in mind that this application is for low pressure steam heating and is unsuited to any type of combined heat and power application using the steam contained in the vessel.

UL Listing*

UL Listing is available with the Coal Gun and some Wood Gun boilers. Underwriters Laboratories began rating devices for safety around the beginning of the 20th century. They are best known for rating devices for fire and electrical safety. 


Prototypical UL Mark for Coal Gun and Wood Gun Boilers

ASME H Stamp*

Alternate Heating Systems offers ASME (Code) boilers bearing the “H” stamp for commercial and residential customers utilizing boilers where local and/or state codes require them. All Alternate Heating Systems' boilers are available with ASME. ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which maintains widely referenced standards for pressure vessels, including boilers. Customers often ask what differences there are between Code and Non Code boilers. The similarities between Code and Non Code boilers include the following characteristics:

The following characteristics apply to ASME boilers only:

ASME Stay on Left VS Non ASME on Right
You can see an unclad ASME compliant stave on the left.
Clad stays are often seen on Wood Guns, as
cladding offers corrosion protection.

 *It is the customer's responsibility to determine if the UL listing or ASME H stamp is required for their install. Local and state code, and insurance requirements vary. Alternate Heating Systms chooses at this time to make boilers available without these designations to reduce overhead and cost for installations for which they are not required.

For more information on the general aspects of ASME ratings, see this introductory video: