Fuel Independence - Be Prepared

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In some areas, peat, lignite, soft or hard coal may be abundant and easily obtained, leading to consideration of a Multi-Fuel boiler. You may alternately have easy access to waste oil, vegetable oil or similar fuel options that will work in our waste oil boilers. For the majority of folks, being heating fuel independent means using firewood. Approximately one third of the U.S. is forested. If you own several acres of forested land, there is likely enough firewood generated there to supply the needs of a modestly sized home when wood is utilized efficiently. Efficient utilization of firewood is a perfect use case for the Wood Gun. When all factors are considered, there is no source of heating fuel that is more ecologically sound than the clean burning of firewood. Wood approaches carbon neutrality. It is renewable. It is a condensed form of solar energy. You can obtain it in many places with minimum labor by purchasing it locally. For still another level of independence, consider cutting and splitting it yourself. While the time and labor commitment to getting your own fuel wood is high, you achieve the highest possible fuel independence by doing so.

Why am I here? - Partial Sitemap & Decision Guide

1. I want to save money
(a) I have some time on my hands
     i. Wood or Coal - both are available
    ii. I prefer to use wood
   iii. I prefer to use hard coal
   iv. I prefer to use soft coal
(b) I am rather busy
     i. Coal Gun
    ii. Biomass with auto feed (commercial only)
   iii. Waste Oil
2. I simply want to utilize a specific fuel to heat my home or business
 (a) Wood
 (b) Hard Coal (Anthracite)
     i. Hard Coal Stoker
    ii. Hard Coal Hand Fired
 (c) Soft Coal (Bituminous)
 (d) Both Hard & Soft Coal
 (c) Wood or Coal
 (d) Waste Oil
 (e) Biomass
3. I want to be fuel independent
 (a) Wood
 (b) Coal
     i. Hard Coal
    ii. Soft Coal
 (c) Self generated waste oil/vegetable oil