Saving Money with Alternative Fuels

When your first objective is simply saving money, the primary question comes down to which fuel represents the best value on a BTU per dollar basis. A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a measure of heat energy. It should be kept in mind that some fuels (like firewood) will eat into your available time. The opportunity cost (money you could be making with the time you are spending preparing or loading fuel) should be taken into consideration. Folks who are retired or semi-retired may do well using conventional firewood, or other fuels that make some demands on available time. Trading some of your time for fuel savings can be financially rewarding. If you are completely open to considering any fuel choice for saving money, the fuel cost comparisons linked below will prove helpful.

Boiler time committments - most to least:

  1. Multi-Fuel Coal Boiler
  2. Wood Gun Wood Boiler
  3. Wood Biomass - Commercial Wood/Biomass burner
  4. Waste Oil Boilers
  5. Coal Gun Boiler

Take a look at the following resource to investigate possible savings for changing your fuel source.

Fuel Choice Evaluation | Compare Fuels

If you need additional help before or after looking at these resources, we are happy to sort through your options with you.

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I know which fuel I want to use, show me your choices.


Why am I here? - Partial Sitemap & Decision Guide

1. I want to save money
(a) I have some time on my hands
     i. Wood or Coal - both are available
    ii. I prefer to use wood
   iii. I prefer to use hard coal
   iv. I prefer to use soft coal
(b) I am rather busy
     i. Coal Gun
    ii. Biomass with auto feed (commercial only)
   iii. Waste Oil
2. I simply want to utilize a specific fuel to heat my home or business
 (a) Wood
 (b) Hard Coal (Anthracite)
     i. Hard Coal Stoker
    ii. Hard Coal Hand Fired
 (c) Soft Coal (Bituminous)
 (d) Both Hard & Soft Coal
 (c) Wood or Coal
 (d) Waste Oil
 (e) Biomass
3. I want to be fuel independent
 (a) Wood
 (b) Coal
     i. Hard Coal
    ii. Soft Coal
 (c) Self generated waste oil/vegetable oil