Wood Boiler

You've settled on wood as your preferred fuel choice. Perhaps it is free to you, or hands down the least expensive fuel you have available to you. Perhaps you value it because it is the greenest, lowest carbon fuel choice. AHS has traditionally offered two options for wood, the Multi-Fuel conventional boiler and the Wood Gun gasification models (residential or commercial). Today, the Multi-Fuel boiler is no longer sold for use with wood due to EPA restrictions. If you live outside the U.S. or EPA restrictions do not apply, it may still be an option for you. If you live in the U.S. and plan to heat your residence with wood, you can choose instead from the three residential Wood Gun models, the E155 CS (use with thermal storage only), E155 SS (use with/without thermal storage) and the E155 OBE outdoor furnace. 

If you are looking to fill the need for a commercial application and your jurisdiction allows it, consider the commercial Wood Gun family. If you are not a U.S based customer and your respective national and local laws don't require U.S. EPA qualification, consider the Multi-Fuel updraft boiler. Please note: the Multi-Fuel boiler is sold in the U.S. as a coal-only boiler. Continuous firing with wood is a violation of EPA regulations and will void your U.S. warranty.

Why am I here? - Partial Sitemap & Decision Guide

1. I want to save money
(a) I have some time on my hands
     i. Wood or Coal - both are available
    ii. I prefer to use wood
   iii. I prefer to use hard coal
   iv. I prefer to use soft coal
(b) I am rather busy
     i. Coal Gun
    ii. Biomass with auto feed (commercial only)
   iii. Waste Oil
2. I simply want to utilize a specific fuel to heat my home or business
 (a) Wood
 (b) Hard Coal (Anthracite)
     i. Hard Coal Stoker
    ii. Hard Coal Hand Fired
 (c) Soft Coal (Bituminous)
 (d) Both Hard & Soft Coal
 (c) Wood or Coal
 (d) Waste Oil
 (e) Biomass
3. I want to be fuel independent
 (a) Wood
 (b) Coal
     i. Hard Coal
    ii. Soft Coal
 (c) Self generated waste oil/vegetable oil