Wood or Coal

EPA restrictions in the U.S. no longer allow for a dual fuel designation on our conventional boilers. Previously, if you wanted to specialize on high efficiency wood heat, you would choose the Wood Gun. If you wanted to burn anthracite coal, you could choose the Multi-Fuel hand fired boiler or the more highly automated, more efficient Coal Gun. If you wanted to increase your fuel options at the cost of some efficiency, you could choose the Multi-Fuel and burn wood, soft or hard coal, and optional gas/propane/fuel oil backup. Due to U.S. EPA restrictions, burning wood continuously in your Multi-Fuel boiler is no longer an approved use, and will void your U.S. warranty. EPA guidelines require that wood is only used to be when preparing the boiler for a coal fire.

Today, burning wood in an Alternate Heating Systems boiler with EPA certification requires that you choose from the Wood Gun E155 family



Why am I here? - Partial Sitemap & Decision Guide

1. I want to save money
(a) I have some time on my hands
     i. Wood or Coal - both are available
    ii. I prefer to use wood
   iii. I prefer to use hard coal
   iv. I prefer to use soft coal
(b) I am rather busy
     i. Coal Gun
    ii. Biomass with auto feed (commercial only)
   iii. Waste Oil
2. I simply want to utilize a specific fuel to heat my home or business
 (a) Wood
 (b) Hard Coal (Anthracite)
     i. Hard Coal Stoker
    ii. Hard Coal Hand Fired
 (c) Soft Coal (Bituminous)
 (d) Both Hard & Soft Coal
 (c) Wood or Coal
 (d) Waste Oil
 (e) Biomass
3. I want to be fuel independent
 (a) Wood
 (b) Coal
     i. Hard Coal
    ii. Soft Coal
 (c) Self generated waste oil/vegetable oil