Biomass - Commercial Applications

The commercial Wood Gun can be customized for use with a variety of woody biomass fuels. Wide ranges of moisture content and particle sizes can be accommodated. These include kiln dried sawdust to nearly green sawdust, wood chips, conventional firewood and more. Keep in mind that wetter fuel will yield less heat energy. With increasing moisture levels, more of the fuel's energy is utilized simply to evaporate the moisture and push it out the exhaust. At the opposite extreme, kiln dried sawdust or shavings will benefit from a small amount of added water combined with the fuel.

Customization involves modified refractory pieces (main Side Brick refractory is unchanged) refractory components added to the system, dual air valves and a fuel level control system. Biomass fueled Wood Guns will also require a top fuel feed port, an auger or other type of fuel conveyor, and storage for the fuel that provides fuel to the auger/conveyor feed. Shown in the image on this page: A commercial Wood Gun with biomass feeding options. The black, inclined tube is the feed auger. On top of the boiler, you see in order downward from auger discharge, the auger transition, an AHS rotary air lock, a second transition between the rotary air lock and fuel valve.

For more on utilizing the Wood Gun for biomass and other fuels, see our commercial Wood Gun page.

Why am I here? - Partial Sitemap & Decision Guide

1. I want to save money
(a) I have some time on my hands
     i. Wood or Coal - both are available
    ii. I prefer to use wood
   iii. I prefer to use hard coal
   iv. I prefer to use soft coal
(b) I am rather busy
     i. Coal Gun
    ii. Biomass with auto feed (commercial only)
   iii. Waste Oil
2. I simply want to utilize a specific fuel to heat my home or business
 (a) Wood
 (b) Hard Coal (Anthracite)
     i. Hard Coal Stoker
    ii. Hard Coal Hand Fired
 (c) Soft Coal (Bituminous)
 (d) Both Hard & Soft Coal
 (c) Wood or Coal
 (d) Waste Oil
 (e) Biomass
3. I want to be fuel independent
 (a) Wood
 (b) Coal
     i. Hard Coal
    ii. Soft Coal
 (c) Self generated waste oil/vegetable oil