Wood Gun E155 SS Residential

Wood Gun E155 in Production!

Alternate Heating Systems is pleased to offer our EPA qualified replacement for the E100 Wood Gun wood fueled boiler. The E155 features the same basic vessel configuration as our E100, but adds a VFD motor on the induction fan and an Intake Air Diffuser. It also includes additional insulation of the exterior surfaces of the boiler, leaving more available heat for system distribution. 

The E155 SS offers advantages not seen in European designs:20 Year Warranty!

The family features that characterize the Wood Gun, its robust construction and design, are clearly displayed in the E155. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only indoor boiler available that is EPA qualified for heating systems not using thermal storage. This advantage can lower total system installation costs and alleviate space concerns that accompany the use of thermal storage.

E155 Wood Gun Wood Boiler Specifications

Model: E155
BTU/Hour Max 150,000
BTU 8 Hour Avg Output* 100,000
Water Capacity, Gallons 60
Firebox Capacity, Cubic Feet 6.5
Firebox Length, Inches 24
Standard Door Opening 14" x 14"
Height 58"
Width (cyclone removed) 26"
Depth 44"
Flue Size 6"
Weight (without gas/oil backup), lbs 1,400
Typical Heating Capacity, Square Feet** 4,000
*Based on loading firebox with seasoned hardwood
**Subject to building design/construction
Specifications subject to change without notice

Wood Gun E155 Brochure


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