Wood Gun E155 Outdoor Boiler Edition

Wood Gun E155 OBE outdoor wood furnace now available!Wood Gun and Coal Gun residential Boilers - With 20 Year Warranty

The E155 OBE (Outdoor Boiler Edition) is built for placement outside the home. Outdoor boilers offer the advantage of keeping wood ash, dirt, smoke and wood insects away from the inside of your house. The E155 OBE features the same attributes as the E155 SS/CS models, with the addition of the exterior insulated cabinet. 

The E155 OBE offers advantages not seen in European designs:

The family features that characterize the Wood Gun, its robust construction and design, are clearly displayed in the E155 OBE.

Wood Gun E155 Outdoor Version

E155 Wood Gun Specifications

Model: E155
BTU/Hour Max 150,000
BTU 8 Hour Avg Output* 100,000
Water Capacity, Gallons 60
Firebox Capacity, Cubic Feet 6.5
Firebox Length, Inches 24
Standard Door Opening 14" x 14"
Height (not including stack) 64"
Width  48"
Depth 54"
Flue Size 6"
Weight (without gas/oil backup), lbs 1,700
Typical Heating Capacity, Square Feet** 3,000
*Based on loading firebox with seasoned hardwood
**Subject to building design/construction
Specifications subject to change without notice


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